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Caring Vets in docu van Arte (Duits met Engelse ondertiteling)
Whenever animals are seen grieving the dead, we sit up and take notice. In August 2018, […]
There’s more than enough science that shows animals are emotional beings. “We like to see ourselves […]
Bavaria and Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, have temporarily banned live exports. This decision was triggered by the transport of a pregnant […]
Een film van de faculteit Diergeneeskunde te Utrecht (2012) /  A film produced by the faculty of […]
Owners consider equine companionship an important part of horse welfare, but are they paying enough attention […]
How can we “care for the carers” and help influence the next generation of veterinary practitioners […]
It is the opinion of the vets, nurses, related professionals and organisations from all over the […]