Caring Vets is an Association of Dutch Veterinarians taking a stand to improve Animal Welfare, based on the Veterinary Code of Conduct.

This website is mainly in Dutch, however, we very much welcome our colleagues abroad to contact us to unite forces where possible. Statements and articles in English can be found below.

Caring Vets support the following Veterinary Animal Welfare Organisations:

English Statements & Articles

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May 2019

Whenever animals are seen grieving the dead, we sit up and take notice. In August 2018, an orca calf died off the coast of Vancouver Island, and its mother, Tahelqua, kept its corpse with her for 17 days straight. The

Mar 2019

Feb 2019

Bavaria and Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, have temporarily banned live exports. This decision was triggered by the transport of a pregnant cow due to travel from Bavaria to Uzbekistan, a 5000-km journey. The veterinary officer in charge refused to issue a health certificate, thus making it

Jan 2019

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Nov 2017

The short nose in flat-faced dog and cat breeds is unacceptable and negatively affects animal welfare. Veterinarians call for action!
The French Bulldog, the Pug and the Persian are examples of flat-faced (brachycephalic) dog and cat breeds that are currently very

AVATMA report: Killing or slaughter of animals without prior stunning. Exceptions to European legislation on animal welfare.

Herewith the Caring Vets from The Netherlands declare that we fully support the report on “Killing or slaughter of animals without prior stunning. Exceptions

Jul 2017